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Pre-Arrangement Services

The number of people choosing to advance plan their funerals has dramatically increased over the last decade. Most do so after witnessing or personally experiencing the complicated and expensive process of planning and paying for a funeral. The fact that more and more people are advanced planning indicates that most people recognize it as a valuable investment, as well as a loving and thoughtful gesture.

One of the biggest advantages of prearranging is the ability to lock-in many of these costs at today’s prices, regardless of what they may cost in the future.

Funeral Planning involves the relatively easy process of making plans for your own funeral-or that of a loved one-well in advance of need. It is no less practical, no less important and no more complicated than planning for college tuition, a future wedding and a new home or retirement. Likewise, the advantages and benefits are no less valuable.

If you are interested in pre-planning your funeral arrangements, please fill out our Pre-Arrangement Requst Form.


1. Prearranging is one of the most selfless gifts of love one can give.

2. It is a very economical decision. With advanced planning you are able to lock in today's prices for the future. This protects you and your family from future inflation.                                                     

3. It removes the burden of making major financial decisions on the worst day of a loved one's life. If planning the funeral today is difficult, imagine how hard it will be for loved ones to plan it at the actual time of need.

4. It takes away the fear for your loved one of having to make hasty funeral decisions alone, and takes away the fear of making incorrect decisions and overspending.

5. It gives you peace of mind in knowing that you have freed your family from this obligation.

6. It gives your loved ones peace of mind to know that they do not have to second-guess your desires.

7. It may help families qualify for Medicaid assistance.

8. It can be paid for through easy monthly payments rather than paying cash at the actual time of need.

9. It allows families the opportunity to have dignity at the end if they outlive their savings.


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Why are more and more people choosing cremation? There are many factors, including:

  • personal or spiritual philosophy
  • environmental philosophy
  • simplicity or convenience
  • economy
  • greater acceptance now among many religions
  • people are more likely to live away from their family roots due to jobs, retirement, living, etc.

Cremation is a centuries-old funeral rite which is again growing in preference. It's the rite of preference in Europe, Great Britain, Japan, Scandinavia and other regions.

When choosing cremation as a part of your pre-planned arrangements, important considerations should be given to a few specific issues.

How are cremation services different from regular burial services?

They're not. Services with cremation are the same as with earth burial, unless you prefer something different. It's your choice to make—your funeral, if you will.

Whatever you choose—casket and burial or cremation—family and friends need time to grieve and to say good-bye. This is the reason for funeral services—to support the living through the pain and loneliness of loss to acceptance and resolution.

Cremation and burial offer the same services, including music, prayers and recitations of your choice. You can have viewing and visitation arrangements, with an open or closed casket (or no casket at all) for as long or as short a period as you wish.

Here are a few other services and options for your funeral or memorial service:

Reception for Family and Friends

  • at the funeral home
  • at your church
  • in your home
  • at another location that is special to the family or to the deceased

Our funeral directors can assist you with these arrangements.

Memorial or Prayer Service

  • a service of remembrance (like a funeral)
  • with or without the urn or casket present
  • whenever you choose
  • with whomever you choose