Craig Flagler Palms

Funeral Service FAQ

What is considered proper funeral etiquette?

In case you are wondering about possible questions that might arise concerning proper funeral customs or etiquette, the following information might be helpful:

  • Thank you cards are appropriate to mail one to two weeks after the service to the following, (if applicable):
    • Those contributing to memorial organizations or churches
    • Those who sent flowers or Mass cards
    • Pallbearers
    • Friends and neighbors who helped in special ways
    • Those who brought food
    • Those who sent cards (optional)
    • Church group or church which assisted with food or in other ways helped
    • Those who participate in the service (music, readings, etc.)
  • You may want to send a personal note of appreciation to the clergy
  • Customary ways to sign thank-you cards are:
    • The Family of (deceased's name)
    • (Deceased names)'s Family, or
    • Your name

Note: It is not necessary to send acknowledgment to people who sign the register book. Additional thank-you cards are available, if needed, and can be picked up at the reception desk.

Why Consider Pre-Arrangements?

Advanced Planning
Our Pre-Arrangement Plans will help ease your emotional and financial concerns by planning ahead.

  • It is the most considerate way to make things easier for family members. Your family won't have to worry about making the right decisions.
  • Prepayment options are offered and can ease the burden on your loved ones.
  • Pre-Arrangement funds paid in advance are not considered countable assets when applying for Medicaid or for nursing home care.

"Advance funeral planning gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your funeral arrangements are taken care of , while lessening the burden on your survivors." (Quote from the American Association of Retired Persons.)

Please call our Pre-Arrangement Director, Sal or email him for more information.


Cemetery Markers and Memorials

As an additional service Craig Flagler Palms offers a complete line of cemetery markers, monuments and memorials. A knowledgeable consultant will be glad to show you displays and assist you in making a selection. If it is more convenient, our consultant will meet you in your home.


What is the journey through grief?

Grief is the price you pay for love. Most often we are not prepared for the emotions and behaviors associated with a loss. It is not unusual to:

  • Feel numb and physically exhausted, but have difficulty sleeping.
  • Be unable to function effectively - wander aimlessly, forget what you are doing, feel restless and unable to concentrate.
  • Hurt so much that you may even want to die.
  • Cry a lot and at unexpected times.
  • Feel lonely and isolated, but not interested in once enjoyable activities.
  • Feel angry and hostile.
  • Feel guilty or feel relief.
  • Sense your loved one's presence, need to tell stories about your loved one.
  • Have feelings of panic and depression.

Resolving grief often takes longer than people expect. Grief is nature's way of healing a broken heart. Make a start toward healing and growth:

  • Be patient with yourself. Heal in your own way and time - there is not a set way or time.
  • Monitor your health - eat well and exercise.
  • Cry when you have to - laugh when you can.
  • Share the pain of your darkness with a friend or friends. Talk about your loved one.
  • For support, encouragement and friendship, join a group of others who are grieving. Seek professional help if needed.*
  • Seek solace from your religious faith.
  • Help others - devote your energies to people and causes which you consider worthwhile.
  • Determine to live again - Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
*See a Craig Flagler Palms  representative for grief support information.

How To Guard Against Danger
It is unfortunate that some people use the obituaries and death notices to steal. Burglars learn when a visitation or a funeral services is held and then, while the family members are away from home to pay their last respects to a loved one, they loot and ransack the family members' homes.

Please guard against this danger. When your family is going to attend services at a funeral home or church, ask a close friend or trusted neighbor to stay in, or at least closely watch your home while you are away.

It is also advisable to contact your local police department and notify them of your absence.

Craig-Flagler Palms policy is not to disclose your family's address or phone number to any person requesting such information. We maintain that this is confidential information.