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Cemetery Silk Flower Placement Program

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Our cemetery is very proud to share a new service we have added. The new service is a flower placement program using the “Stay-In-The-Vase” Design™ flower holder. By using this flower holder, the chance of your silk flowers staying in the vase is greatly improved.

Many families live miles from the cemetery and it is sometimes difficult to return and place silk flowers. The service has been set up to benefit families who are unable to place silk flowers as often as they would like, and for those families who would like to place their own flowers.

We have a beautiful selection to choose from in our office.You may select a one-time placement or a multiple placement schedule. With the multiple-placement program, we will place the silk flowers every three or six months.

The silk flower program offers flowers for ground burial vases and mausoleum vases. The flowers are of the best quality and fill the bronze vase very nicely. When you choose the multiple-placement schedule the colors and flower type will change throughout the seasons.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any of the silk flower programs, please contact us at 439-5400.


Sal Passalaqua

Director Advanced Planning/Aftercare