Craig Flagler Palms

Financial FAQ

Answers To Your Financial and Benefit-related Questions.


Where do I get Death Certificates and how many do I need?
Craig-Flagler Palms personnel will help you determine the number of certificates you may need and to secure them, there is a nominal fee for each copy.


How do I notify Social Security and what happens when I do?
A lump sum death benefit in the amount of $255 is available for the surviving spouse or minors. Survivors’ pension benefits may be available for a qualified widow and minor children. Craig-Flagler Palms notifies Social Security of the death of your loved one automatically for you.  Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or


What Veterans Benefits are available?
Casket flag and grave marker may be available for qualified veterans. Funeral expense allowances may be likewise be available for those who qualify. Craig Flagler Palms personnel will apply for you. You can visit to learn more.


How do I file a Life Insurance claim?
Craig-Flagler Palms personnel can provide you with information to assist in filing claims for life insurance benefits including assignment procedures (cemetery not included in assignments).


Does Florida provide a property tax exemption for widow/widowers?
Yes, there is a $500 tax exemption for a widow or widower who is a legal and permanent resident of Florida and has not remarried. You will need a copy of the death certificate to apply for this exemption at the Flagler County Property Appraiser's office. They can be reached at (386) 313-4150 or


What credit cards to you accept?
Craig-Flagler Palms honors VISA or MasterCard