Craig Flagler Palms

Cremation Services

cremation urnCremation is an alternative to the traditional burial. When selecting cremation as the preferred form of disposition, the family should take into consideration the types of services available. A public or private viewing, funeral ceremony and/or memorial service are available for cremation families. Once the services are determined, the family can choose the casket and urn suitable for the deceased.

Cremation may take place before or after the funeral. Many families prefer the cremation to take place after the funeral, so the body may be present for viewing during the service and present for the funeral ceremony. When the cremation occurs prior to the service, the cremated remains can be present at the ceremony in a cremation urn.


cremation servicesThe cremation urn containing the remains may be buried, placed in a niche, or kept in the home. They may also be scattered. If a family chooses to scatter the remains, it is suggested that a small portion of the cremated remains be held in a keepsake urn to serve as a permanent memorial to the deceased. Flagler Palms Memorial Gardens offers several options for placement of cremains. We offer niches, memorial benches, cremorials and ground burial.

We also offer, for those who prefer above ground burial, three Mausoleum Buildings. We offer single entombment spaces and tandem (for two) spaces. Two of our three Mausoleums have the ability to house cremains in niches. These are the Mausoleum of Memory and Mausoleum of Angels "II".All the niches are true companion niches, meaning they can hold two urns in one niche space. The Mausoleum of Angels "I" does not have niche spaces. The Mausoleum of Angels is to be a five building area with two phases already completed. Phase III is in the design/planning stages.