Craig Flagler Palms


All caskets offered by Craig-Flagler Palms Funeral Home are MADE IN THE U.S.A.


There are important differences between caskets that should be noted prior to making your selection. The two distinct groups of caskets are Metal and Hardwood.

There are four types of metal caskets: Solid Bronze, Solid Copper, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. They range in durability as well as price, with Bronze and Copper being the most durable, and therefore the most expensive. The type of metal, the casket shell design, and the interior fabric determine the price.

Hardwood caskets consist of many different types of wood. The price is determined by the specific type of wood, the casket shell design, and the fabric used to make the interior.

The interior fabrics of metal and wood caskets are available in velvet, velour, crepe and satin. Through head panels and hardware, some caskets reflect a theme such as nature, floral, or religious.

Metal Casket - Craig Flagler Palms - Palm Coast, FL Metal Casket - Craig Flagler Palms - Palm Coast, FL

Metal caskets provide a wide range of eye appeal, durability and pricing. This is why metal caskets account for two thirds of all caskets sold in the United States today. Available in a wide variety of colors and features, metal caskets provide great value and make for a fitting tribute. Metal caskets come in bronze, copper, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Wood Casket - Craig Flagler Palms - Palm Coast, FL Wood Casket - Craig Flagler Palms - Palm Coast, FL

Wood caskets are offered in a varity of grains, including Cherry, Mahagony, Oak, Polpar, Pine, Walnut and Veneers. Wood caskets are selcted for their warmth, character of the wood grain and the craftsmanship that goes into making a wood casket. (Wood caskets are NOT sealer caskets unlike most metal caskets)

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